C.A.L.L. University Credit Registration

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February 9-March 15, 2017

Tuition, 1 credit (GRAD)
Registration deadline: February 9, 2017

Prerequisite: registration for conference

EDS 500, section 708 (La Crosse School District)
EDS 500, section 709 (Outside La Crosse School District)

The purpose of this event and class is for library teachers and all interested educators with an association with libraries to network with each other around libraries and literacy. Through these connections, participants will learn about the collaboration strategies, partnership opportunities, and content that impacts literacy of all.

WI Teacher Standards: 3, 4, 6 and 7

Instructor:  Vicki Lyons

Conference fee is separate and in addition to credit tuition fee. One GRAD credit is available to participants. The student must attend the conference to receive credit.

UWL academic credit registration form and online admission application directions

To register or for more information: Briana Meuer, 608.785.6513; bmeuer@uwlax.edu