C.A.L.L. 2019 Rescheduled for April 15!

Hi Folks,

We have some exciting news for you! Thanks in large part to your patience and the flexibility of our speakers, we’ve been able to reschedule the conference!

Our new date is April 15, 2019 from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm.

If you purchased a ticket to the original conference it has been refunded to you, so you’ll need to re-register here if you would like to attend on April 15th.

Please let us know if you have any questions!


Liz, Teri, Cindy, and Linda

CALL 2019 is Cancelled.

Due to weather concerns and the long distance that many of your are traveling in order to attend our conference, we have decided to cancel CALL 2019.

We will send ticket refunds to each of you shortly. If you placed a group ticket order then you will receive a lump sum refund.

We hope to reschedule the conference this spring when the weather is on our side (fingers crossed!) and will keep you apprised of our plans.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and stay warm!


Liz, Teri, Linda, Cindy

For questions, contact Liz at: ehumrickhouse@uwlax.edu.

Weather Update!

Winter! Attendees and presenters for our conference this week Thursday: we are still planning on hosting the conference despite the snow and cold. The only reason that we’d cancel is if the entire campus is closed. We won’t know until the Chancellor announces any news. Keep in mind that classes being cancelled does not mean that the campus itself is closed. Keep checking our Facebook page for any developments! And stay warm!

~Teri, Liz, Cindy, and Linda

Register Now for CALL 2019!

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2019 Keynote Speaker: Sarah Johnson


Sarah Johnson, Mental Health Director La Crosse Area Family YMCA

Self Care 101: Setting the Stage for Sustainably Caring for Others

In order to be able to bring compassion and respond effectively to the wide range of humans with whom we work, we must first build a strong foundation of self-care. This interactive workshop will offer opportunities to examine your attitudes related to self-care and how this impacts your effectiveness with individuals with whom you work, as well as identify areas and strategies on which you can focus to strengthen your foundation.


Service runs through a librarian’s work day. We know it from day one going in to the field. We expect to be tired at the end of a day, week, program, or semester. Patrons, students, community members or administration turn to us for answers, help, expertise, reassurance, and a friendly smile.

So let’s talk about burnout. What do we do when we have barely anything left to give, when we’re at the end of the rope, when we feel emotionally drawn and the tanks of compassion are running on empty? Is there any space in our work lives to recognize that sometimes we feel unprepared for the realities of managing and regulating the requirements of emotional labor of librarianship? Let’s talk about it.

We look forward to seeing you at the Conference About Libraries and Learning!

Cindy Halter, School District of La Crosse
Teri Holford, UW-La Crosse Murphy Library
Liz Humrickhouse, UW-La Crosse Murphy Library
Linda Jerome, La Crosse Public Library

2018 Call for Proposals

It is our distinct pleasure to invite you to the second Conference About Libraries & Literacy (C.A.L.L.). The conference is a collaboration between UW-La Crosse Murphy Library, the School District of La Crosse & La Crosse Public Library and will take place on the UW-La Crosse campus on Thursday, February 1, 2018. Librarians from all types of libraries (school, public, academic, special, etc.) are welcome to attend.

In an age of globalization, interdependence is something we should embrace. K-12 students become the community citizens and/or college students of tomorrow. Librarians touch their lives from the beginning of their school years through high school graduation; to after-school-hours and summer programming or as a safe place to go when school libraries close; to vocational job training or university research. Networking and collaborative initiatives between these groups is the direction of this conference.

The theme of the conference will be “Librarians as Advocates.”  In a world where funding and investment in libraries is a constant battle and where libraries and their staff are sometimes perceived as outdated and irrelevant to life in the 21st century, how can librarians advocate for libraries and for their profession? Additionally, with threats to net neutrality, copyright, fair use, privacy and confidentiality, how can librarians also advocate for their patrons and their communities? And finally, how can librarians from various types of libraries work together to be advocates for each other and for our libraries?

We are delighted to invite presenters on the following topics of interest that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Successful collaborations for libraries and literacy
  • Innovative programs or initiatives which feature advocacy for libraries and literacy
  • Beyond Google: how to advocate for library resources

Submission Details

To submit a conference proposal, please use the submission form. The deadline to submit proposals is Thursday, November 30, 2017.  The committee invites proposals that address current challenges faced by professionals in the field and are solution-oriented as well as stimulate and provoke discussion and audience engagement. Presentation sessions are 30 minutes each with 15 minutes scheduled for questions/discussion. Collaborative and interactive presentations are encouraged and panel presentations are also accepted. Notification of acceptance will be Friday, December 15, 2017.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact Liz Humrickhouse at  ehumrickhouse@uwlax.edu.

We look forward to seeing you at the Conference About Libraries and Literacy!

Cindy Halter, School District of La Crosse
Teri Holford, UW-La Crosse Murphy Library
Liz Humrickhouse, UW-La Crosse Murphy Library
Linda Jerome, La Crosse Public Library

Thank You!

Hello and thank you!

The first annual Conference About Libraries & Literacy was a success and it was all because of you! On behalf of the entire C.A.L.L. committee, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of those who presented and attended the conference on February 9th. We truly appreciate the time, energy, and attention you invested in us throughout the day and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

As promised, we’ve posted the presentation materials here. You can also find them by clicking on the “2017 Conference Materials” link at the top of the page.

Thank you again and we hope to see you next year!

Warmest regards,

Liz Humrickhouse



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